what our puppies’ owners say

Here’s just a few of the lovely comments we’ve received from happy owners of Salisbury Park Groodles puppies.

Hi Charlotte,

Jay-pop is doing great!

When we first brought him home we didn’t know what we were in for, toilet training was hard & his teething was harder, when he turned 12wks and all of a suddenly it was like he learnt everything in one day! When I took him to puppy school he was the best in the class, by a long way!

We recently moved to a pet friendly courtyard apartment & there’s literally approx. 20 dogs living in our block, jay-pop loves it! And the new place, unlike the house prior, has carpet & jay-pop hasn’t had one mistake on it, his coat doesn’t shed either, when he is brushed it comes up like a bishon’s coat & people always say how soft he is.

He has got the perfect balance between snuggle baby & outdoor athletic, he is a show-off that’s so excited to see everyone & loves to pick things up & proudly strut around -which is so adorably funny! however he has never destroyed anything -apart from my dinner if I’ve left the room as his weakness is food as well as water! he loves swimming, we would put him in the pool with us but he is in before us! He definitely acts a lot like a Golden Retriever but he is also a big baby & if he has got a problem he simply comes up and tells you which has made us form a great bond with him.

I will send some better pictures soon as well its been raining constantly lately! & he had a summer hair cut. Thank you so much for him his breed is just prefect for any living style, we love him so much & we couldn’t imagine being without him!


Bear has arrived safe and sound. He is adorable!!

We have got him home fed bathed and he has been wagging his tail the whole time. We are all delighted as you can see by the smiles below.

Thank you so much


Hi Charlie,

Lovely to meet you on the weekend. Thanks so much again for Ralph – he’s gorgeous and we are all completely smitten with him!

I’ve attached a couple of photos so you know he’s settled in. The first night there was only 5 minutes of whimpering, and last night he slept through 🙂

Kind regards,


Hi Charlie,

I hope all is well with you and the family. Just wanted to send you a picture of Midnight Star now she has settled into our home. Our home backs onto reserve and this is a picture of her looking out over the reserve. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family and we’re so pleased to have her.

Thanks for your time and advice during the time we were looking at buying her for our daughter, it was much appreciated.



Hi Charlotte,

His first night went without a hitch – no crying and weeing in all the right paces.
Thank you for our real life teddy bear, he is just divine!!!

A x

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for checking in! We named him Franklin, and he’s settled in very well. We’re completely in love, he’s just the most beautiful little creature. I’ve attached a few photos of him with us around the house. As you can see he’s made himself quite at home. Thank you so much for all of your help, and for taking such good care of him up to now!

Feel free to check in any time.

All the best,


Hi Charlotte,

Thought you might like an update on our beautiful Bali.

She is awesome! We still absolutely love her. She is super smart and just loves the kids.
Please let me know when you have some more puppies as we would love to give Bali a sister.

Hope you are well!!

Thanks again


Hi Charlie,

As per my phone call, “Henry” arrived safe and sound, and is settling in, finding his way around his new home.
Many thanks one again for all your help, he’s a beautiful puppy . Good luck with moving house and all your other puppies.

Kindest wishes,

Sue xx

Hi Charlotte,

My life is changed forever by having Toby in my life. My anxiety levels have gone down tremendously, knowing that Toby will alert me when my blood sugars drop. He also keeps me cheered up and makes me laugh every day. He is loved by everyone, everywhere we go.


Here’s my gorgeous girl!
She is everything and more than I ever wished for!!
What an incredible job you have done in those early moments with her!
I thank Harry and Scout everyday for this little bundle of LOVE!
Cannot imagine my life without her….she’s taught me to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and how to practice unconditional love…something she’s mastered very well!!
I will get another puppy from you one day but for now I’m just enjoying my girl!
In the meantime I tell everyone who seems like a dog lover about our wonderful breeders and oh am just so lucky I stumbled across your ad in the trading post in November 2016!!
Life changer!!!
Daisy is 9.5 months old
Has incredible lashes (so long and golden)
Knows how to cuddle and kiss real well
Still has puppy milk
Is still on a Raw food diet
….we have a birthday ? party planned with her sister Tilly and another little puppy friend of her’s  ❤️ 
An afternoon of running around and water play!!! ? ?
What an amazing year this will have been with her!!
Love always xxxx
(Daisy’s Mama)

Mitso is very clever and is toilet trained, already sits and doesn’t jump at all. He is just gorgeous! He has become the school mascot and SO many people want one so are you happy for me to send your details to them. Gorgeous temperaments and beautiful with kids. We love him.


Hi Charlie,

Milo has settled in beautifully and is already toileting outside regularly. Thanks again, I’ll definitely keep you updated with photos. He was exhausted after his play with Rubix yesterday afternoon and he sat on my lap for coffee this morning and met another safe friend Charlie (a Maltese terrier)

Kindest regards


Hi Charlotte,

Koko is doing great (very cheeky though!) He just started Puppy Preschool on Monday and loved all the other puppies – he is definitely the star of the class with everyone saying how adorable and smart he is.
I’ve attached some more photos so you can see how much he’s grown – we love him so much (even his tiny pointy needle teeth!) and are so happy to have him as part of our family, even though it has been a big change having a puppy in the house again.

Hope all is well with you and your family.



Hi Charlie,

Nice to meet you today. Just letting you know our puppy has settled in really well, she travelled really well and ate all her dinner and is now fast asleep at my feet. My husband said “oh I thought you might come home with 2” so maybe we’ll get another one from you in the near future. We’ll keep you updated with some photos.

Thank you very much!!


Hi Charlie,

We are finally home and ‘Charlie’ is enjoying exploring his new surroundings after a lovely meal of chicken mince and a wee on the lawn! So far, so good!

Was a great traveller in the car, Bowie is just smitten with him.

Thank you so much, will send an update and more photos in a few days.


Hi Charlotte,

Bear is going really well thanks, full of energy and very happy!

My husband believes he is the smartest dog he’s ever owned 🙂

One very happy puppy Mummy,



Hello Charlie,

Daisy’s going excellent and has settled in amazingly…doing well with toilet training too and coming to her name. She’s so intelligent



George is the most amazing dog I have ever owned! I have been a dog owner for over 35 years now and have never come across another breed of dog as superb as George is. He is incredibly intelligent, so loyal and amazingly affectionate. He loves all 8 of my Grandchildren. Thank you so much he has been the most perfect addition to our family.


Hi Charlie,

Suzie is the most incredible dog ever!! She loves our three children 6,4,1. Thanks so much for making the adoption process easy. We recommend your puppies every where we go.



We are so happy with our beautiful Groodle, Reuben. He’s smart, playful, and loving. He’s a great addition to our family, and plays well with other dogs (and even cats!).

It was nice knowing we were buying our puppy from an experienced breeder who genuinely cares about the animals in her care (and long after they’ve left, too). Also, the property is amazing – puppy heaven!

Andrew & Zan